Vision for Smart Wearable Device 2.0

The current generation of Smart Wearables Devices (SWD) were primarily introduced as a companion device to the smartphone. As such, SWD’s offer nothing more than the added convenience of “usability of the go” and “small form factor“.


Most buyers, including me, question the wisdom of owning a muted version of a smartphone on their wrist; a key reason stalling wider adoption of SWD.

To find their rightful niche in the marketplace, SWD need to evolve from a smartphone centric device to a stand-alone IoT Personal Assistant (IPA).


Vision for Smart Wearable Device 2.0 – The IoT Personal Assistant


In a follow-on post, I will outline my vision for a device coined “IoT Personal Assistant (IPA)”; one that can enhance quality of life for its users and unlock hidden value for market participants.