Mobile Platforms Update: Android has the best long-term potential.

Update to my recent posting on Platform Products & Service: A Strategic Guide to launch, sustain and build enduring leadership.

Mountain View mobile app development platform company Appcelerator Inc. said 54 percent of the 2,733 developers it surveyed said Google’s (NASDAQ:GOOG)

  1. Android has the best long-term potential how to slim down fast.
  2. Android is favored for its OS capabilities and platform openness.

Appcelerator surveyed 2,733 of its 51,000+ developers from June 15-17, 2010.

The survey results are a vindication of my statement (earlier blog posting) that the Android platform will dominate the market for Smartphones and eventually take over everything from thin-clients, cloud computing, consumer electronics and ultra mobile internet devices. We will get the why in a follow up posting coming soon, stay tuned.


Download the full report on Mobile Developer Survey, June 2010 from Appcelerator